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DSMU students took part in a round table on drug addiction prevention




On April 16, the assembly hall of the House of Friendship hosted an extended round table “The role of civil society institutions in the prevention of drug addiction”, dedicated to the prevention of drug addiction among the population of the republic with the involvement of religious and public figures.

The event was attended by government officials, public and religious organizations, students of universities and colleges of the republic, including students of the Dagestan State Medical University.

The meeting was opened by the acting minister for national policy and religious affairs of the Republic of Dagestan Enrik Muslimov. He noted that the event is held on behalf of the head of the Republic of Dagestan Sergey Melikov. Enrik Muslimov outlined the topical nature of the issue and relevance of the topic of the round table, explained that RD MNP closely interacts and conducts extensive work with civil society institutions, and the work on drug addiction prevention should use the full potential of public and religious organizations of the republic.

The head of the Department of the Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan, Khasaybat Valieva, in her speech, noted with regret that, despite the great preventive work, drug addiction in the republic is growing, including among women. She appealed to the gathered youth to protect themselves and their loved ones from this evil.

The head of the Drug Control Department of the RD MIA, Mustanger Muminov, voiced the current situation in the republic with illegal drug trafficking, citing figures and statistics. In particular, he noted that in 2020, 2,786 crimes were registered in the field of drug trafficking, which is one third of all crimes committed in the republic, and 192 kg. 322 of narcotic drugs were seized from illegal trafficking. He also called for increasing preventive work in universities and colleges of the republic.

The head of the DSPU Law and Human Rights Department, retired Major General Arslanali Omarov, voiced the problems inherent in the mentality of Dagestanis and called for professional courses on the prevention of drug addiction for teachers and all those who are in contact with this issue.

Mufti assistant of the Republic of Dagestan Idris Asadullayev explained the attitude of the religion of Islam to drugs and drug addiction, noting that drugs are prohibited by the direct texts of the Quran, as they deprive a person of reason, and this is the most valuable gift from God. He once again reminded the audience of the categorical prohibition not only on the use, but also on the production and distribution of inebriating and intoxicating substances.