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DSMU students took part in the hackathon “Medicine, Healthcare, Science”



The “Digital Breakthrough – 2021” on the topic “Medicine, Healthcare, science” was held on the basis of the “Boiling Point” at the Dagestan State University from June 18 to 20.

8 teams from the Republic of Dagestan took part in the hackathon. 4 consultants from various media holdings were assigned to each team. For 48 hours, the participants solved current problems from the largest commercial companies and government agencies and offered their IT solutions. Each team had 3 checkpoints for adjustments and work checks. On the last day, the projects were defended.

On behalf of the Dagestan State Medical University, the team of “SMMC DSMU” took part in the hackathon, which included Said Magomedov, Magomed Gazimagomedov, Batyrkhan Azizov and Jamila Fusullayeva.

“At the hackathon, we solved the case “Frontiers of Science” from Sberbank, the essence of which was to develop a platform for publishing and evaluating the relevance of scientific projects for the possibility of further financing them, as well as creating programs with operating functionality,” said Magomedov.

All participants were given memorable prizes and certificates. The main prize was an amount of 4.5 million.

The participants admitted that the IT Hackathon helped them to identify and unlock the potential in the field of information technology, programming, design and management of digital projects.

Khadiyat Ammaeva, Youth Media Center Sector