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DSMU students won prizes at the International Olympiad



From November 5 to December 13, 2020, the I International Online Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language was held at St. Petersburg State University.  The organizers set the goals of the Olympiad: popularization and support of the Russian language, increasing the importance of the Russian language as a language of international communication.  More than 9500 people from 147 countries took part in the competition and showed their knowledge of the language of Pushkin and Dostoevsky.  The Olympiad consisted of two stages: qualifying and final.

The participants’ knowledge was tested in the form of tests with closed-type tasks (with the choice of one or more answer options), with open-type tasks where it was necessary to give a detailed answer to the question as well as with tasks of increased complexity  where it was necessary to apply creativity and ingenuity  …  The tasks tested the knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, syntax of the Russian language.

Working with texts of different functional styles was especially difficult, during which it was necessary not only to understand the main idea of what was read, the author’s thoughts and plot, but also to grasp subtle details.  The execution time for each part was strictly limited, and only one attempt was given to complete the tasks.

 Foreign students of our university took an active part in the Olympiad, and three of them won prizes:

Arzu Vazirova – 1st place

 Gulshan Babirova – 2nd place

 Ahmed Al-Tamari – 2nd place

 We congratulate our students and wish them good health and further success in their training .

 The winners of the Olympiad will receive diplomas and prizes from the organizers.