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DSMU took part in the conference “Innovative approach in the treatment of urological diseases”



On March 25, Andizhan State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan) hosted a scientific and practical conference with international participation “Innovative approach in the treatment of urological diseases”.        

The conference was attended by specialists from Russia (in particular, Dagestan), South Korea, Turkey, Germany, over 65 specialists from the Republic of Uzbekistan – urologists, endourologists, oncourologists, andrologists, doctoral students, young scientists, independent applicants, masters, residents.

Employees of Dagestan State Medical University made presentations on current topics. So, the head of the Department of Urology of IAPE DSMU Kamil Arbuliev made a report “Forgotten stents in the practice of a urologist”. Associate Professor of the same department Ruslan Savzikhanov announced the report “Diagnosis of severe forms of reproductive disorders”.

The conference also included debates on the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases.