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Employees and students of the DSMU received the second component of the vaccine against COVID-19




Dagestan State Medical University continues vaccination against COVID-19. 10 people received revaccination on Monday, March 15th. Previously, they underwent a preliminary examination before vaccination. Employees of the Medical College at the DSMU were also vaccinated primarily. They were 17 people.

The second component of the drug is administered three weeks later after the first one. A two-fold administration scheme allows to form the long-term immunity. The experience of using vector vaccines (with a two-fold scheme of administration) shows that immunity lasts up to 2 years.

The head of the department for work with students, Imanali Mustafayev, spoke about how the vaccination was carried out. The first stage was successful, there were no complications in the vaccination process. “In some cases, after vaccination, patients showed a slight subfebrile rise in temperature, no one had allergic reactions,” Mustafayev said.

Dina Balgishieva