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Events for World Oral Health Day




Events for the World Oral Health Day, which is celebrated on March 20, are organized by Dagestan State Medical University.

World Oral Health Day was established by the World Dental Federation back in 2008 to draw the world’s attention to oral diseases. As part of the World Oral Health Day, a number of events were organized: a scientific and practical conference and open oral health lessons in schools in Makhachkala. Students of the faculty of dentistry of DSMU told students about the importance of oral hygiene, gave valuable and important advice, and also clearly showed what neglect of their own health can lead to through an exciting presentation. The guys actively participated in the lesson and asked questions that future doctors answered with pleasure.

On March 19, a scientific and practical conference dedicated to this day was held at the M.Maksudov Republican Dental Clinic. The conference was actively attended by doctors of medical and preventive institutions with various forms of ownership, students of the dental faculty, residents.

The chief doctor of RDC named M.Maksudov addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. Khajimurad Musalov, who noted that dental prevention, is the basis of health not only of the oral cavity, but also of the whole body. “The task of doctors, students, as future specialists, is primarily to pay attention to dental health and prevention.”

On behalf of the rector of the university, Suleiman Mammaev, the dean of the dental faculty, Tagir Abakarov greeted the participants and opened the conference. “We are delighted to see you today at our event. 13 years have passed since the establishment of this holiday. The problem of prevention has always been the most urgent in dentistry and the main goal of today is to tell the population about the importance of observing oral hygiene rules, about the relationship between the health of periodontal tissues and the state of the whole body. More than 50 constituent entities of the Russian Federation today host large-scale events, conferences, seminars, talks. Our students also conducted oral health lessons in high schools in the city. School students listened with great interest to the reports of future dentists, “said Tagir Abakarov in his speech. Also he added that more than 90% of the world’s population suffers from any dental disease, and many of them can be easily eliminated at an early stage or prevented altogether if one approaches personal oral hygiene with greater responsibility.

Then he introduced the guests of honor to the event; head doctor of the Republican Dental Clinic named after M.M. Maksudova Hadzhimurad Musalov, head doctor of the 1st municipal dental clinic in Makhachkala Murad Chavtaraev, deputy chief physician of the Children’s Republican Dental Clinic Jamilya Kambarov.

Further, the work of the scientific and practical conference continued according to the program, where very interesting reports were made on the most current topics of prevention of major dental diseases of the oral cavity.