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Experts of the VIII International Religious Forum met with students of DSMU 2021




On September 30, a meeting of university students with Russian experts in the prevention of the ideology of terrorism and extremism took place in the conference hall of  DSMU within the framework of the VIII International Religious Forum (September 26 – October 3). The forum is organized by the Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs of the Republic of  Dagestan, the Mufti of  Dagestan, the Makhachkala Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Council of Jewish Communities of the Republic of  Dagestan.

The expert guests of the meeting were the Mufti of the Far East Ramazan Aliyev, First Deputy Mufti, Chairman of the Youth Assembly of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Nurudin Nurudinov, novice of the Sretensky Monastery (Moscow) Vladislav Ershov, Head of the Education Department of the Muftiate of the Republic of Makhachkala Ali Sultanov, Head of the Department of the Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs Khasaybat Valieva.

The meeting was opened by Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work of DSMU Elmira Abieva, who welcomed the guests on behalf of the university administration. “Our university pays great attention to the issues of fostering a tolerant attitude towards other faiths, nationalities and systematically works to prevent radicalist, extremist ideas. These problems remain relevant among young people. This is especially important for our students, because the profession of a doctor is first of all  human qualities, high spirituality, morality, a merciful attitude to others,” the vice-rector said.

Khasaybat Valiyeva noted that “the forum is held as part of the implementation of state program “Comprehensive program for countering the ideology of terrorism in the Republic of Dagestan”, the main purpose of the event is to strengthen interreligious dialogue among young people, which undoubtedly contributes to the consolidation of all healthy forces against threats and global challenges of our time.”

Further, the theological experts delivered lectures, touching upon the most pressing issues within the framework of the theme of the event. It was noted that a large number of civilians, including theologians, have suffered from terrorism and how important it is to constantly improve the work on the prevention of the ideology of terrorism.

They shared cases from their personal practice of working with young people, including radicalized ones, drew the students’ attention to the existence of a large number of sects in the country, which are inherently illegal and have become a suitable tool for recruiting young people. Experts urged to be especially careful and in no case to join such organizations, etc.

After the presentation of the guests, the students were able to ask them questions on the topic under discussion. A large number of questions showed that the topic resonated with young people who expressed genuine interest in the expert opinion of the guests.

At the end of the meeting, Elmira Abieva and the students expressed gratitude to the guests for an interesting conversation and comprehensive answers to all questions.