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Festival of Foreign Students “Kaleidoscope of cultures – rhythms of friendship”



 A festival of foreign students “Kaleidoscope of cultures – rhythms of friendship” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Dagestan State Medical University was held in the dormitory No. 4 and No. 5 of Dagestan State Medical University on November 30, 2022.

The event was organized by the Department of International Relations together with activists from among foreigners. The solemn event began with the greeting of representatives of all 45 countries: Nigeria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Sierra Leone, India, Syria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and many others. Then, according to the program, students Mapipo Lulu and Lungan Koko Bertina Michel performed an incendiary lezginka.

 The rector’s advisor, Hero of Russia Magomed Gimbatov delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of Acting Rector Visampasha Khanaliev: “The university management and teaching staff are confident that foreign students will be worthy representatives of our medical university in any corner of the world. You have come to us to gain knowledge, so I would like to say that you strive to take the maximum for yourself and pass on the experience gained to others. I wish you all the best things, good academic performance and good health!”.

In addition, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Tagir Abakarov also addressed foreign students. He noted that the university is proud of foreign students, because they are always distinguished by discipline, hard work and a desire for knowledge. Also, T.A. Abakarov added that every year more and more children from other countries come here to receive a medical specialty and a high title of a doctor.

Then the head of the Department of International Relations Sazhida Khajalieva held a ceremony of awarding diplomas to excellent students on behalf of the acting Rector Visampasha Khanaliev.

After that, the guests were presented with a rich concert program with contests, congratulations, songs, dances, performances of poems, demonstration of videos and presentations.

So, the national clothing contest consisted in the fact that several representatives of Africa and India in colorful traditional outfits staged a fashion show. According to the results of the evaluation, Johana Esther won among African students  and Hora Tsuyasha won among Indian students. The students were awarded foreign women on behalf of the Ministry of National Policy and Religious Affairs of Dagestan Republic Khasaibat Valieva.