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Foreign experts gave lectures to students of DSMU



Within the framework of international cooperation of Dagestan State Medical University with foreign medical institutions work is being carried out to attract leading professors, medical experts and scientists from foreign countries to the educational process.  The events are held in order to exchange experience, improve the quality of training of medical personnel and familiarize the teaching staff and students of DSMU with current international achievements in the context of organizing the educational process using distance technologies.

In the period from 14 to 28 December 2020 within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between  Dagestan State Medical University and the Erzincan State University of the Republic of Turkey the parties are planning to conduct online lectures by leading representatives of the teaching staff of  two universities. Online lectures will be delivered through the ZOOM conference.

The first lectures on December 14 were conducted by:

Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases (Turkey), PhD dr.  Orchun Barkai, specializing in infectious diseases on the topic: HIV infection.  Its main properties.  Classification.  Genetic and antigenic variability “;

– PhD dr.  Ufuk Kuyruklu with a degree in anesthesiology on the topic: “Pathophysiology of terminal conditions.  Clinical death.  Methods for revitalizing the body. “

The lecturers demonstrated a high level of professionalism and pedagogical skill, aroused the audience’s interest  and achieved active involvement of the audience in the study of the topic.

In addition, the material presented during the lecture with its originality and novelty aroused great interest among students, the lectures made a positive impression due to the extraordinary approach.  At the end of the lecture, students asked questions and the event ended with a very interesting and exciting discussion.

Teachers and students thanked dr.Orchun Barkai and dr.Ufuk Kuyruklu for interesting lectures, as well as the rector of  DSMU prof.  Suleiman Mammaev  and the rector of ESU prof.  Akin Leventa for innovative forms and methods of teaching.