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III all-Russian Olympiad with international participation in first aid “Save and preserve” was held in the DSMU



III all-Russian Olympiad with international participation in first aid “Save and preserve” was held on February 21, 2019 at Dagestan State Medical University. The organizer of the Olympiad was Dagestan State Medical University together with the main Department of Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Dagestan, Dagestan center of medicine disasters and Scientific and Educational medical cluster of North Caucasus Federal District.

The Olympiad was held in two stages. The qualifying stage was held on February 16, 2019. Teams were selected and formed within the educational organization of higher education or secondary vocational education.

The final second stage was held on February 21. The Olympiad was attended by 19 teams from Russia and abroad: the First St. Petersburg state medical University; Bukhara state medical Institute; Andijan state medical Institute; South Ural state medical University; Omsk state medical University; Stavropol state medical University; North Ossetian state medical Academy; Kabardino-Balkar state University,; Volgograd state medical University; Chechen state University-Medical Institute; Dagestan state University; Dagestan state medical University; Dagestan state technical University; Stavropol basic medical College; Kislovodsk medical College of the Ministry of health of Russia; Buinaksk medical school; Derbent medical college; Khasavyurt medical college ; medical college of DSMU.

At the opening ceremony of the event came: the rector DSMU Mammaev Suleiman; Chairman of the Committee on health and social policy of Dagestan Republic   V. Hanalyev; head of Department of medical aid to the population of Ministry of health Tatyana Belyaeva; Deputy of people’s Assembly of Dagestan, the regional coordinator of the party project “United Russia” – “a Healthy future” Zumrud Buchaeva.

The rector of DSMU Suleiman Mammayev addressed to the guests and participants of the Olympiad with a welcoming speech. “Dear guests, colleagues, participants of the Olympiad. Today the III all-Russian Olympiad with international participation in first aid “Save and preserve” is held within the walls of the DSMU. The popularity of this Olympiad is increasing, the number of participants is becoming more and more. This year the Olympiad was joined by secondary professional educational institutions; and this year the Olympiad received the status of international thanks to the participation of students of Andijan and Bukhara medical institutions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s may decrees and national projects, including healthcare, define our main goal. Our main goal as physicians is to combat mortality from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and external causes. We are doing everything possible to ensure that the discipline of first aid is taught in many modules in educational institutions. It depends  will we save a person’s life or not on how  timely we  provide first aid as well as the quality of his later life. According to statistics, 90% of those killed from external causes could be with us if timely and high-quality first aid was provided. In Dagestan State Medical University, the University management initiated a project for each unit of one student group, one rescue team. Among us today is the rescue team “Snow leopard DSMU” which is a member of the all-Russian and international competitions and competitions is a winner of the Golden Medskill 2017; recently  they became winners in the nomination ” first aid and psychological support “in the 2nd stage of the all – Russian competition” Human factor”, – said in his speech Suleiman Mammayev. He thanked all the organizers of the Olympiad, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation for supporting the event; wished the participants to demonstrate all their knowledge and skills and experts objective assessments and stressed that the strongest and more organized participants will win the competition.

V.Hanaliyev welcomed all the participants on behalf of the National Assembly of Dagestan. “It is gratifying that every year the number of participants in this Olympiad increases. This is good not only for the University, but also for all the guests,” – said V.Hanaliyev; he thanked the organizers of the Olympiad and wished the participants success.

On behalf of the Minister of health of Daghestan D.Gadjibekova Tatyana Belyaeva welcomed the participants of the Olympiad. She noted the importance of this event. “I would like very much all your knowledge and skills to be useful in providing qualified assistance for the benefit of human salvation. And so that you could pass your knowledge and skills to those people who have never encountered medicine, but nevertheless would be able to help the victim if necessary. I wish you victories in the tops of your specialty and that these victories multiply in your future activities,” Belyaeva said.

Zumrud Buchaeva also welcomed all gathered in the hall. “I want to thank all the team members that they decided to take part in such a significant event, as the problem of pre-medical care is relevant today. We sincerely hope that you will become a conduit of this knowledge to other communities. I wish you all good luck and may the best man win,” said Buchaeva.

After the opening ceremony, guests and participants of the event were shown a master class “assistance to victims of road accidents” from the team of the medical college of DSMU.

The first competitive task was testing; then the participants of the Olympiad had to solve situational problems in the simulation accreditation center of DSMU. Each team member solved one practical problem at one of the stations. All manipulations were performed by participants on mannequins and dummies.

Third competition task was interactive command task of the “Traffic accident”. This stage took place in the sports complex of DGMU. During this stage participants had to provide first aid, sort patients, determine the order of care.

The jury of the Olympiad was formed from representatives of the teaching staff of DSMU and representatives of medical universities of the Russian Federation. Evaluation of competitive tasks was carried out in accordance with the approved criteria. Winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad were determined by the best scores of the contest tasks.

At the end of the Olympiad winners and prize-winners were determined. Thus, the first place among universities was awarded to the team of DSMU. The second place went to Omsk medical University. The third place was shared by the First St. Petersburg state medical University and South Ural medical University. Among the medical colleges the winner was the team of the medical college of DSMU.  The second place went to the team of  Kislovodsk medical college of the Ministry of health of Russia, the third to Buinaksk medical school. Foreign teams were assigned to a separate group. The winner was the team of Andijan Medical Institute, the second place went to Bukhara Medical Institute. Grand opening and closing of Olympiad were brightened by the activists performances of culture center of DSMU.