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III International Mammological Forum held on the DSMU site




The III International Mammological Forum was held on June 5 on the site of the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of Dagestan State Medical University. The event was organized by the Association of Mammologists-Radiologists of the Republic of Dagestan with the support of Dagestan State Medical University, RD Ministry of Health; NMRRC RF MH; P. A. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Center; Russian Association of Mammologists; Moscow Regional Office of the Russian Society of Radiologists; Moscow International Medical Cluster;  LLC clinic chain “Mammological center L7”.

The forum was held in a mixed format (offline and online).

The event was opened by the president of the regional public organization “Association of Mammologists of Radiologists of the Republic of Dagestan”, the chief physician of the LLC “Mammological Center L7” Fatima Tamaeva, who noted that the forum is being held for the third time and is gaining popularity among the medical community. “We have about 2 thousand colleagues connected online today. We are in a new world, we are a new format of doctors, we will think and act differently. I am sure that the information that will be heard today will be of high value and useful for doctors,” she said.

On behalf of the Acting Rector of DSMU Suleiman Mammayev, the participants of the event were welcomed by the Director of the Institute of Additional Professional Education Luiza Agalarova: “We all understand how urgent the problem discussed today is. A number of interesting reports that are relevant today will be announced. Much attention is paid today by the state to the prevention and early detection of cancer. “Mammological Center L7″ is just dealing with this problem. But in addition to practical activities, they are also engaged in science. Fatima Arslanovna, head of the clinic – our doctoral student. Other employees of the center also study with us. I am sure that our cooperation will continue, and will be successful and fruitful.”

There were also greetings from the head of the National Center of Oncology of the Reproductive Organs of the Moscow Research Oncological Institute named after P. A. Herzen, a branch of the Russian Ministry of Health, Professor of the Department of Clinical Mammology, Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy of the ATF MD RUDN, President of the Russian Association of Mammologists Nadezhda Rozhkova (in the format of a video greeting), RD Deputy Health Minister Raisa Shakhsinova, Health Committee and Social Policy member of the RD People’s Assembly Zumrud Buchaeva

Leading experts of the country and neighboring countries acted as lecturers of the forum. A surprise for the participants was the speech of the leading radiologist of Europe, Professor Laszlo Tabor (Laszló Tabar).

The forum scientific agenda began with the report “The Authenticity of the Mammological Center. Investing knowledge” by Fatima Tamaeva.

Within the framework of the forum, the following topics were discussed: artificial intelligence in medicine; features of modern breast diagnostics; radiogenomics, radiomics; scientific foundations of longevity; breast pathology in the gravidar and post-gravidar period; thyroid pathology in the practice of oncologists and endocrinologists; women’s health module: the view of an oncogynecologist, obstetrician-gynecologist; disease management and preventive medicine in gynecology; communication skills of a doctor and his role in working with patients; personal brand of a doctor in the information space (cyber society).