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In Makhachkala celebrated the day of naval men-submariner



On Friday, March 19, in the park of the Lenin Komsomol, at the monument to the liberation soldier, a citywide patriotic action was held dedicated to the day of the naval man-submariner and the memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Magomed Hajiev.

The date of the celebration was chosen for a reason. In 1906, Nicholay II introduced into the Navy a completely new type of ship – submarines, which by that time had been built 20 units. In connection with the commissioning of a new kind of transport, a detachment for training underwater swimming was formed. Since then, submarine employees, veterans, submarine maintenance personnel, designers and shipbuilders have received congratulations from colleagues, relatives, friends and relatives on this day.

One of the submarine heroes was our fellow countryman Magomed Hajiyev. On his account there were 10 sunk enemy ships. He received the title of hero of the Soviet Union posthumously. The patriotic action dedicated to naval men-submariners was attended by veterans, participants in the war.

Students and activists of the Dagestan State Medical University, the Dagestan State University of National Economy and many other universities and educational institutions of our republic took an active part in the event.

At the end of the patriotic action, flowers were laid at the monument to the liberation soldier in memory of our fellow countryman Magomed Hajiev.