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Inauguration of the Museum of memory of medical workers who died in the fight against COVID-19 at Lyceum 22 in Makhachkala



On Tuesday, December 29, at the Lyceum №22 in Makhachkala a grand opening of the school Museum took place in memory of the health workers who died during the fight against    COVID-19.

The event was attended by the mayor of the city Salman Dadaev  the head of the education department Vadim Dibiyaev the deputy head of the education department Zumrud Bagdueva the pro-rector for medical work of the DSMU Magomed Khamidov the director of the lyceum №.22 Salamat Anatova, other representatives of the city administration and heads of institutions.

The initiator of the creation of the museum was the head of the Education Department of the Republic of Dagestan Vadim Dibiyaev. Lyceum № 22 is an institution where students receive education with a biomedical bias.

The museum displays photographs of doctors working in the “red zone”, their letters and other exhibits. A special place at the exhibition is occupied by the wall of memory which lists the names of the dead medical workers. The schoolchildren visited the workplaces of a number of doctors and their families in search of personal belongings of medical workers. The total number of exhibits has exceeded 400.

All the time the event was accompanied by volunteers of the Dagestan State Medical University. Earlier, volunteers taught schoolchildren how to put on personal protective equipment on cardiopulmonary resuscitation. On the day of the event the students demonstrated all these skills.

The mayor of the city thanked the leadership of the lyceum for the attention and respect shown to medical workers and also expressed condolences to those who have lost loved ones. “Only after experiencing what is happening in the world today you understand that the most important thing is health! Patience and strength to everyone who continues to save the lives of our fellow countrymen in the “red zones” today. Only you can defeat the disease! We will forever remember those who gave their lives to save others”the head of the city said.

On behalf of the rector of DSMU Suleiman Mammaev, the vice-rector for medical work of DSMU Magomed Khamidov expressed gratitude to the leadership of the biomedical lyceum. “It’s hard to find words to express emotions. Every deceased health worker who gave his life to save people is a hero. Eternal memory to them! ”Said M. Khamidov.

Dina Balgishieva