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International Youth Forum “Sustainable Development by 2100: Forecasts, Vision, Scenarios and Plans”



The International Youth Forum “Sustainable Development by 2100: Forecasts, Visions, Scenarios, and Plans” was held in Moscow between February 3rd and 6th, 2024. The idea for the HORIZON 2100 project emerged at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2018, and for over five years, the Center for Future Modeling has been implementing this major international youth initiative in which young people from various countries present their research and science fiction projects regarding the distant future. As part of this work, youth forums, educational futurology schools, expert discussions, and interdisciplinary futures sessions are organized. Through these various activities, experts share knowledge, and young people envision the future.

In parallel with the Moscow forum, a similar event was held at the Catholic Institute in Cuenca, Ecuador. Irina Osokina, the head of the Horizon-2100 project, opened the forum, which was also attended by Alexander Ageev, the chief moderator for the entire event and scientific director of the project. He was joined by Marco Avilla Kale, the chief coordinator for the Latin American component of the project and Chairman of the international jury for the Horizon-2100 contest.

Over the course of 3 days, the participants persistently passed 5 foresight sessions, but only 9 teams managed to make it to the finals, which were held in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Dagestan has been represented at this forum by Patimat Muslimova, a fourth-year medical student, SRC “Physioland” activist, and otorhinolaryngologist. She took first place in both individual and team competitions, with scientific supervisors Yunuskadi Jamaludinov (MD, Head of Department of Ear, Throat, and Nose Diseases) and Naida Abdullayeva (PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Normal Physiology). Patimat’s victory was officially congratulated by Khajimurad Kazhlaev, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Dagestan to the President of the Russian Federation, and Aigun Magomedov, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia. Patimat expressed her gratitude for the organization and support of the forum, and expressed her desire for continued success in her chosen field.