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Issues of prevention of offences in the student environment were discussed at a meeting with tutors of DSMU.




A meeting was held with tutors of Dagestan State Medical University on strengthening educational work and crime prevention among university students on Thursday, October 21.

The meeting was attended by Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work Elmira Abieva, Head of the Security Department Sirazhutdin Kimpayev, assistant deans for the first courses of the Faculty of Medicine Emina Ibragimova, Dental Faculty Abdulatip Salimkhanov and Pediatric Faculty Fatima Meilanova.

Elmira Abieva stressed the need to strengthen the educational work of tutors with first-year students, their early adaptation to study at the university. “The issues of education and timely response to what is happening among students have always been important and inseparable from the educational process. However, we need to work in this direction even more intensively, pay attention to the psychological atmosphere in groups, conduct preventive conversations with first-year students, because this is a new environment for them, a new team, a learning load. In addition, such a need is dictated in connection with the increasing tragic cases of so-called school shooting (armed attack inside an educational institution) in our country. You and I should be aware of any negative manifestations in the behavior of students, not to allow conflict situations and gross offenses on their part,” the acting vice-rector addressed the tutors.

The head of the Security Department and assistant deans also voiced their wishes and parting words for further work as a tutor. They, in turn, also noted the importance of the issues of adaptation of first-year students, more effective and productive work of student tutors in this direction.