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IV international Olympiad for students of Medical universities “Samarkand – 2020” united the youth of seven countries



The IV International Olympiad for medical students “Samarkand 2020” was held on the initiative of Samarkand State Medical Institute. It was attended by about 300 students of medical universities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey, as well as more than 2000 online participants.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan A. Inoyatov, Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute Professor J. Rizaev, Rector of First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University Academician S. Bagnenko, Rector of Bukhara State Medical Institute S. Jumaev, Rector of Tashkent State Dental Institute N. Haidarov, Dean of Medical Faculty of Istanbul Medeniyet University Pençe Sadrettin.

The Olympiad was held in 30 basic and clinical subjects. At the first stage of the Olympiad, students tested their knowledge by solving tests, and at the second stage they demonstrated their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The Olympiad was held in Uzbek, Russian and English languages.

The creative works and projects of the participants were evaluated by a jury consisting of experts and professors from foreign countries.

Students who took part in the international Olympiad received certificates.

More than 70 students from different universities and countries took part in the Olympiad in the field of medicinal chemistry.

Students of Dagestan State Medical University also took part in the Olympiad and many of them won prizes.

In the section “Obstetrics and Gynaecology” Jamilya Rustamova (Faculty of Medicine) received the 1st degree diploma, Amalia Magomedova (Faculty of Medicine) received the 3rd degree diploma. In section “Public health and public health care”: II place – Kamilla Tagirova (medical faculty), II place – Abakar Ziyadov (medical faculty), III place – Imanat Pakhutayeva (medical faculty). The winners in the nominations of the section were: “Absolute champion” – Nabigulla Magomedov (Faculty of Paediatrics), “To the top of knowledge” – Khadijat Mahmudova (Faculty of Paediatrics), “Rhetoric” – Rahim Magomedov (Faculty of Paediatrics), “Clinical thinking” Abuzhafar Umarov (Faculty of Medicine), “The most erudite participant” – Zulfiya Abduragimova (Faculty of Medicine).

Zarina Kukhmazova took the 1st place in the section “Otorhinolaryngology”. Section on propaedeutics of internal diseases: 1st place – Ibragimov Mukhamed, 2nd place – Alimusa Jamolodinov (Faculty of Medicine), 3rd place – Naida Iminova (Faculty of Medicine), the winner in the nomination “Absolute Champion” was Aishat Chopalaeva.

More than 70 students from different universities and countries took part in the Olympiad in the direction of “Medicinal Chemistry”. Patimat Magomedova, a student of the Faculty of Pediatrics, successfully passed the first stage of the Olympiad, became a prize-winner and was awarded a diploma of III degree according to the results of two rounds.

The participant in the section “Pharmacology” Arslanbek Chizhikov, a student of the Faculty of Medicine, the head of the student scientific club on pharmacology, won in the nomination Best in solving situational problems.

In the section “Histology” Sabina Shamova ( Faculty of Medicine) took the 3rd place. Salihat Dibrayeva ( Faculty of Medicine) won the nomination in the section “Patphysiology”. In the section “Operative surgery and topographic anatomy”.

Patimat Muslimova (Faculty of Medicine) took the 1st place.

In the section “Neurosurgery” our university was represented by a member of the student club of the Department of Nervous Diseases, Medical Genetics and Neurosurgery Gadzhi Tamirov. According to the results of two stages of tests, which included testing, oral interview on theoretical issues and practical skills, as well as solving situational tasks, he was awarded the diploma of III degree.