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Joint Congress of the European and American Society of Herniologists



The joint congress of the European and American Society of Herniologists was held in Copenhagen. The forum was attended by the Acting Vice-rector for Medical Work, Head of the Department of Surgery of the faculty of advanced training and Teaching Staff with the course of Endosurgery M.A.Khamidov, who presented the report “Inflammatory reaction to polypropylene mesh coated with ALD. Experimental research on animals”. Authors: Khamidov M., Abdulagatov I., Rahimov R., Maksumova A., Abdullayeva N., Abdulagatov A.

This work is being carried out within the framework of a grant received in April 2021 from the European Society of Herniologists (ESH). The conducted study gave preliminary good results on the use of nanotechnology in order to reduce adverse reactions from mesh implants used in the treatment of patients with hernias of the anterior abdominal wall.