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Khasaev Ahmed Sheikhmagomedovich has passed away



On May 18, 2021, Professor Akhmed Sheikhmagomedovich Khasayev of Dagestan State Medical University, who devoted his entire life to training young doctors, has passed away.

Khasaev Ahmed Sheikhmagomedovich was born on 27.12.1932, in the village of Churtakh, Lak district, Dagestan ASSR. In 1956, he graduated from the Dagestan Medical Institute with a degree in Medicine, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

He is the author of 360 scientific papers, including 10 scientific monographs and many educational publications, 5 of which are recommended by the Educational and Methodological Association for Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of Russian universities. Under his leadership, 16 PhD theses were defended, and he was a consultant for 2 doctoral theses. Ahmed Sheikhmagomedovich-participant and organizer of many congresses and conferences of different levels.

Professor A. Khasaev was a highly qualified teacher, lectured on various sections of the course of internal medicine for students and doctors. He was distinguished by the rapid introduction of modern technologies in teaching – multimedia, digital, while maintaining the tradition of the hospital therapy clinic. His lectures were based on the clinical analysis of patients.

In working with young people, Ahmed Sheikhmagomedovich was distinguished by an active life position – he did not shy away from pressing issues, on the contrary, he tried to convey the systematic vision of an experienced person to the students of the DSMU. His speeches were emotional, convincing, and his authority was very high. It is no accident that he created and headed the Council of Elders of DSMU, at the meeting of which important problems of university life were discussed.

The name of Dr. A. Sh. Khasayev is widely known not only in our republic. He began his medical work as a doctor in a rural outpatient clinic and went a long way to become a consulting professor at the Republican Clinical Hospital, the Dagestan Center for Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery.

For many years, Akhmed Sheikhmagomedovich was the chief freelance cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of Dagestan, chairman of the problem commission on cardiology at the DSMU. He is one of the developers and performers of the republican program “On urgent measures to reduce the morbidity and mortality of the population from diseases of the circulatory system”. The results of its implementation led to a more than 30% reduction in mortality from major cardiovascular diseases. This work received special public recognition, and A. Sh. Khasaev was awarded the title of “Honorary Cardiologist of Russia” at the National Congress of Cardiologists of Russia in 2015.

Professor A. Sh. Khasayev was distinguished by great efficiency, broad medical outlook, a huge stock of knowledge and skills, the desire to introduce new methods of diagnosis and treatment. But we should especially note his high moral qualities. Ahmed Sheikhmagomedovich was always ready to help the patient, regardless of personal time and difficulties, never refused any patient. His benevolence, participation, and tolerance are known to all colleagues. He was respected by his colleagues, students, and numerous patients.

For many years of scientific and pedagogical activity, active participation in public life, dedication and loyalty to his profession, long-term work experience, Khasaev Ahmed Sheikhmagomedovich was awarded state awards: the honorary title “Honored Doctor of the DASSR” (1982), the honorary title “Honored Scientist of the DASSR” (1992), the honorary title “People’s Doctor of the Republic of Dagestan” (2000), the honorary title “Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation” (2010), the Honorary diploma of the Head of the city Makhachkala (2016), medal “For Valiant Labor” of the Head of the Republic of Dagestan (2017).

The Rector’s office, faculty and students of DSMU express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ahmed Sheikhmagomedovich and grieve with them.