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Meeting of the Acting Rector of DSMU with failing students and their parents



   On the eve of the winter session, a regular meeting of the Acting Rector of Dagestan State Medical University Visampasha Khanaliev with failing students and their parents took place in the Biological Building of  Dagestan State Medical University. The meeting was also attended by Acting Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Razin Ragimov, Advisor to the Rector Isaac Irbaykhanov, deans of faculties and their assistants.

    Addressing the students and their parents, the acting rector reminded that they have another intermediate certification , that many of those present will not be able to pass under the current state of affairs. “We are interested in your studying well, we create all conditions for this, including for practice-oriented learning. All that is required of you is to study well and not miss classes. However, many of you do not go to the lessons, do not listen to teachers, have an average score of 2.0. With this state of affairs, I don’t think you will be able to pass the session. That’s why this meeting was organized, I wanted to meet with you and your parents and talk again about how important knowledge is for future doctors. If you hope to resolve the issue with the session in some other ways, then you cannot count on it. You can only rely on your knowledge. You still have time, you can start studying hard and work out your missings ,” V. Khanaliev addressed the audience.

He once again stressed that the university trains doctors and negligent attitude to study can then affect their work, the life and health of their future patients. “We are ready to listen to all your wishes for improving the educational process, organizing additional consultations. The main thing is that you study, strive to gain new knowledge. And the teaching staff of the university will always help and support you in this,” the acting rector said.

At the end of the meeting, students and their parents had the opportunity to ask the university administration all their questions.