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Meeting with student-athletes



The Rector of the Dagestan State Medical University, Professor Visampasha Khanaliyev, met with the student athletes, Dalgat Osmanov, Imam Jamirzeev, and Jamil Barham, on January 22nd, Monday. These students had distinguished themselves at various competitions. They were accompanied by Aisha Gulemetova, representing the volleyball team, and Aina Dalgatova.

The meeting was also attended by the advisor to the Rector, Isak Irbaykhanov; Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic Affairs, Sirazhitin Mutuev; Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Medicine, Gamzat Magomedov; coach, World Champion in Grappling, Shahban Abdulkarimov; and coach of the DSMU women’s volleyball team, Madina Bagilova.

In his opening remarks, the head of the institution noted that it is always a pleasure to interact with students who are actively involved in various aspects of university life and who represent their interests adequately at competitions at various levels. “You are our pride and I am particularly proud that, in addition to being outstanding athletes, you also excel as students. Many of you are active members of academic communities and pursue research. I frequently emphasize that our graduates are, above all, future physicians, and their academic performance should be given priority. We strive to enhance the quality of our educational offerings and provide opportunities for personal expression in various areas of life. Congratulations on your athletic accomplishments, and I wish all of you the best in the world.”

The students, in turn, thanked V. Khanaliev for the support provided, told about their studies and further plans for choosing a specialty and studying in residency.

The meeting ended with a common photo.