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Opening of the student café Aibolit on the territory of the Biology Building



On Thursday, 28 December, Dagestan State Medical University held the opening of the student cafe “Aibolit” on the territory of the Biology Building after renovation. The event was attended by the Rector of DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev, advisors and assistants of the Rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of departments, staff and students of the university.

The event was opened by V. Khanaliev, who congratulated everyone on the coming New Year and noted that the university has done a lot of work in 2023. “This year we have done a lot of work in all areas of the university. In particular, digitalisation, electronic journals and many other things are being actively introduced in academic activities. The introduction of electronic journals makes it easier to work with paper documents and have access to data from anywhere. We can monitor the progress of students on a daily basis, respond to students who fail in time and carry out preventive work with them. All this contributes to improving the quality of education and, consequently, the training of highly qualified medical and pharmaceutical personnel.

In scientific work we managed to activate the work of student scientific clubs, our employees and students take an active part in Olympiads and scientific-practical conferences not only in our country, but also abroad and they win prizes.

Much has been done in medical work. The Training and Medical Centre of our university is expanding and developing. This year we managed to increase the staff of the centre from 8.0 to 90.0 units. Over the last two years, the volume of medical services provided under the Compulsory Medical Insurance (CMI) has increased significantly, from 8 to 34.5 million. The salaries of the staff, the costs of bonuses and the purchase of medical equipment and consumables have increased. For many years we have been saying that we need our own clinical base. I want to assure you that we are constantly working in this direction and this work will be continued. We will make every effort to have our own clinical base.

A lot of work has also been done in the area of household activities and security. Turnstiles and video cameras have been installed in all buildings and dormitories to ensure security. Current repairs have been carried out in the university buildings, and work on capital repairs is also continuing. We have to carry out major repairs of the 9-storey and morphological buildings. The territory of the Recreation Base of DSMU has been taken under control, the work on its improvement has been started, which will also be continued. We plan to create a rehabilitation centre here, which will be able to be visited by our employees, citizens and guests of our republic.

Dear colleagues, I would like to note that every year our team is becoming more united, we work together to improve the quality of education, learning and working conditions. I would like to thank each of you for your contribution to our common cause!

Happy New Year friends! All the best to you!”, – said the rector.

Then he awarded the distinguished employees of the university with letters of thanks.

Then there was an entertainment programme prepared by the activists of the Cultural Centre of DSMU.