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Operators of the regional call center for coronavirus handled more than 16 thousand calls



 The operators of the regional call center for the new coronavirus infection have handled more than 16 thousand calls since the beginning of the center’s work. The rector of Dagestan State Medical University Suleiman Mammayev said about it in an interview today. “The regional call center for the new coronavirus infection has been operating for more than two months – since December 12, 2020. It was organized on behalf of the acting Head of Republic of Dagestan Sergey Melikov which was announced by him at one of the meetings.

 “We proposed to place it on the site of Dagestan State Medical University. This was due to the fact that staff tenured positions were needed to work in the center. The best way to quickly organize the work was to attract students and residents who had already worked in call centers during the pandemic situation  and were familiar with the problems caused by spread of COVID-19. Within 7-10 days, we carried out preparatory work and the center was opened. We have prepared 60   students who work around the clock,”- S. Mammayev said.

  The centre operators handled more than 16 thousand calls, about 10 thousand of which are incoming and the rest are outgoing. The percentage of execution and processing of incoming questions is 97%.

According to the rector words, the main issues that interest our citizens are the issues of hospitalization, drug provision (in particular, outpatient treatment), research, patient routing and many others. “Recently, residents of Dagestan have been actively interested in vaccination, indications and contraindications, as well as where they can make the vaccine.

“Our operators follow the recommendation of  the Temporary Methodological Recommendations in their work and consultations with patients (Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection) of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation,”- said the Rector of DSMU S. Mammaev.