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Psychological and pedagogical support of foreign students of DSMU



In modern education, psychological support of students is one of the main components of the effectiveness of the educational process. 

As part of extracurricular activities, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of General Medicine of Dagestan State Medical University together with the International Department held an introductory meeting of international students with a representative of the Centre for Psychological Support of the Dagestan Regional Branch of the Russian Red Cross Gulizar Huseynova in the reading room of the hostel for international students on 27 March 2024.

The psychological training conducted by Gulizar Huseynova was held in a light and relaxed friendly atmosphere. The students-activists were told that the purpose of the psychological service is to promote mental health, educational interests and individuality of students, correction of various difficulties in their development and self-development, psychological support at all stages of study at the university.

Within the framework of a simple game, the guys saw that simple collective actions in a team make it easy to achieve better results in solving complex problems, to believe in their abilities and find support from each other. At the end of the event, the participants gave a positive assessment of the psychological training and expressed the wish to make such meetings regular, as it positively affects their psycho-emotional state of students who are away from their families, and positively affects the results of their academic performance. All students noted the improvement of their psycho-emotional state after the meeting with the psychologist and thanked for organising such a useful event.

In conclusion, the students were introduced to the work schedule of the Psychological Support Centre of the Dagestan Regional Branch of the Russian Red Cross, where 9 experienced psychologists, ready to help them overcome not only psychological barriers in their studies, but also in interpersonal relationships with their classmates and friends, are available free of charge.