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Rector of DSMU held a series of meetings on improving the quality of education



On Monday and Tuesday, 22 and 23 January, the Rector of Dagestan State Medical University Visampasha Khanaliev held a series of working meetings with the participation of assistants, advisors to the Rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of structural subdivisions. The main topic of discussion was the progress of the current interim certification and improving the quality of training of specialists with medical and pharmaceutical education.

During one of the meetings, the deans of the faculties informed the attendees about the process of attestation at their faculties, voiced the problematic aspects, as well as the subjects in which students received the largest number of unsatisfactory errors.

The rector instructed to organise another meeting with the invitation of the heads of the departments, which recorded the largest number of unsatisfactory marks, and it was held on Tuesday.

Opening the meeting, V. Khanaliev asked each head of department why there were so many failures in exams and what work they, together with the deans, had done to prepare poorly performing students for the exams. The heads reported on the work carried out, told about additional classes and consultations.

At the end of the meeting, V. Khanaliev instructed to strengthen the work with low-achieving students and students with a large number of absences.