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Rector of DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev held a meeting with heads of department



On Tuesday, 26 December, Rector of Dagestan State Medical University Visampasha Khanaliev held a meeting with heads of departments of the university. The meeting was also attended by advisors and assistants of the rector, vice-rectors, deans of faculties and their assistants.

At the opening of the meeting, V. Khanaliev greeted the attendees with a Happy New Year and wished everyone further success in their work and personal lives. He also noted that the meeting was organised to discuss the issues of training highly qualified personnel and improving the quality of the educational process at the university. “We are preparing future medical workers and mistakes in our work are unacceptable, because they can affect the lives of patients, our fellow citizens. We do and will do everything to equip the educational and scientific process with the necessary equipment, to improve the quality of the educational process. But without our coordinated work we will not get a worthy result”, – noted the rector and urged all to continue to make every effort to educate students.

During the meeting, a report on the current academic record of students was made by Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation Abdulkamal Huseynov. He informed that according to the rector’s instruction, the Situation Centre of the university conducted an analysis of students’ academic progress, listed the disciplines in which the number of unsatisfactory grades reaches 30-50% across all faculties and courses. “In addition, we conducted a spot test of electronic and paper journals and identified discrepancies that will be discussed to collect further information,” Huseynov said.

Aminat Karimova, Head of the Department of Educational and Methodological Work and Quality Control, reported on the results of the independent assessment of the quality of education. “Independent assessment of the quality of education is aimed at obtaining information about educational activities, the quality of training of students and the implementation of educational programmes. It includes an independent assessment of the quality of conditions for the implementation of educational activities and the quality of training of students.

In October at the Academic Council the data of the students’ questionnaire on the results of the winter session were announced. We realise that it is not possible to make categorical conclusions in all disciplines, not only due to the subjectivity of the information, but also due to the limited number of responses for some of them. The disciplines with low grades or a tendency to do so have been notified.

 Besides, for more objectivisation of the data, by the decision of the Academic Council these departments were included in the schedule of repeated audits and questionnaires, which are currently ongoing and will be completed before the New Year,” she said.

At the end of the meeting V. Khanaliev once again congratulated everyone on the New Year and wished them prosperity, peace and good.