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Rector of the DSMU, Suleiman Mammaev, expressed World Health Day greetings



Dear colleagues and students! April 7th is celebrated worldwide Health Day. For us, as for medical professionals, this day is very important. We and our colleagues stand daily and nightly on the guard of health not only of ourselves and our loved ones, but of all residents of our homeland. When training young doctors, we must form not only a savvy and competent specialist, but also a full healthy individual with such personality qualities and properties as social activity, orientation to a healthy lifestyle, aesthetic ideals and ethical standards of life.

April 7 is another opportunity for us to remind you of the importance of prevention, promotion and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. All events within the framework of this day are aimed at drawing the attention of every inhabitant of our planet to health and health problems, with the aim of conducting joint actions to protect the health and well-being of people.

Let me remind you that at the end of 2020, DSMU became the winner of the XI All-Russian competition “University of a Healthy Lifestyle” in the nomination “For creating conditions for health-forming activities and modernizing the material and technical base for the implementation of health measures and the formation of a healthy lifestyle”. The competition was held by the Council of Rectors of Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities of Russia.

In recent years, our university has been doing a lot of work to create a health-saving environment, to promote among employees and students a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, to abandon bad habits. Therefore, we call ourselves the territory of a healthy lifestyle with good reason.

To create a health-saving environment, the university’s Sports Complex was completely renovated, paved football fields were opened, workout areas for outdoor sports, a sports ground at the hostel for foreign students with exercise equipment and a zone for playing volleyball and basketball. In order for students and teachers to be able to eat properly, without harm to health, the student cafe “Aybolit” was opened. After all, proper nutrition supplies the mood and energy of the students and the teaching staff.

In addition, our university operates a sanatorium-preventorium, where every year it is possible to hospitalize 250 students with diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system, rheumatic diseases, functional disorders of the nervous system, etc. Currently, repairs are being carried out, and conditions in the sanatorium will be even better.

It should be reminded that in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, vaccination is an important means of preventing and protecting yourself and your loved ones. For the convenience of employees and students, it was decided to organize a permanent vaccination center for COVID-19 on the territory of the administrative building of the DSMU on the main square of Makhachkala.

We congratulate all employees and students on the World Health Day! Health is one of the most important values in human life, and the rejection of bad habits, a healthy lifestyle, a responsible attitude to yourself and your loved ones will allow you to keep it for many years. Be healthy! Take care of yourself, your family and friends!