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Rector, Suleiman Mammaev , examined patients in the University diagnostic center



Rector, Suleiman Mammaev ,  examined patients in the University diagnostic center  on the 17, December. The university head intends to improve and optimize the work of the university polyclinic.

     “At the last meeting of the academic council, we discussed the state of the university’s polyclinic link.Our clinic should be one of the leading in the republic, we must bring up the potential and resources of the university, attract teaching staff.Here, leading experts – heads of departments, professors, doctors of medical sciences should consult.It should become availiable, high-quality, projects “Lean Polyclinic”, “Polite Registry”, “Available Environment” are being implemented here.The task of the university’s head  is to improve the material and technical equipment of the polyclinic.

The equipment for carrying out biochemical analyzes is purchased, in plans – purchase of equipment for ultrasound and other instrumental procedures. The polyclinic should work to the full in accordance with the new requirements.

The chief physician is instructed to develop the admission schedule by leading university specialists, », – laid emphasis the rector.

Suleiman Mammaev started with himself, and at lunchtime – from 13 to 14  – saw patients in the consulting and diagnostic clinic of the DSMU. Today 4 patients came to the reception. Attendance is conducted under the policy of obligatory medical insurance . Services that are not included in the list of CHI are provided on a cost-accounting basis.

“With the passing of time, we want to rename it to  the” Professorial Polyclinic of the DSMU “and it must correspond to this name, be leading, comfortable and accessible,” concluded Suleiman Mammaev.You can also make an appointment with a doctor by e-mail at the polyclinic’s website.

DSMU Press Service