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Regular meeting of the Academic Council of DSMU



 The next meeting of the Academic Council of Dagestan State Medical University was held on October 20 in the administrative building of the university. The event was opened and conducted by the chairman of the Council , the acting rector of DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev. Before the discussion of the agenda, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the employees who left over the past month.

 Then the ceremony of awarding employees and students of the university with well-deserved awards took place. Then the members of the council moved on to discuss the agenda, the first issue of which was competitive affairs. Secretary of the competition commission Svetlana Mineeva provided information about candidates elected and re-elected to various positions at the university and members of the council who are being presented for academic titles.

 The report “Digitalization of the educational process: state and prospects” was made by Acting Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Digital Transformation Jamila Omarova. She elaborated on the stages of digitalization of the educational process, its current state and the ongoing work in this direction.

The results of the initial accreditation in 2022 were reported to the members of the Council by the head of the Federal Accreditation Center Rasul Koichuev.

 Information was heard from the university management, heads of structural divisions in the “Miscellaneous” section. Issues on the current problems of the university were also discussed.