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Representatives of the DSMU passed voluntary testing for HIV / AIDS



Representatives of the Dagestan State Medical University headed by the rector Suleyman Mammaev on November , 30 underwent voluntary testing for HIV / AIDS. The event was part of the All-Russian action “Stop HIV / AIDS”, timed to the AIDS Day. Its goal is to attract public attention to the problem of the spread of the disease in the territory of the Russian Federation and the unification of various organizations to combat this serious illness.

Commenting on the action, the DSMU rector, Suleyman Mammaev, noted that the prevention and timely detection of such dangerous diseases as HIV / AIDS is an important and necessary thing. “I believe that physicians should give their example to all, promote a healthy lifestyle, show the importance of preventing various infectious and non-communicable diseases,” Suleiman Nurattinovich said.

It should be noted that within the framework of the All-Russian action “Stop HIV / AIDS” in DSMU, a number of activities are planned, including: trips to schools in Makhachkala to promote HIV / AIDS prevention; carrying out of actions in squares and parks of capital of Dagestan with distribution of information booklets; holding a conference.

DSMU Press Service