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Russian-Uzbek cooperation between medical universities



 Russian-Uzbek cooperation between medical universities

Within the framework of the first Russian-Uzbek educational forum, the rector of Dagestan State Medical University Suleiman Mamayev signed cooperation agreements with two Uzbek universities: Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina and Andijan State Medical Institute .

We have signed agreements on mutual cooperation in all areas of University activity: educational, scientific and educative. It will be possible to pass internships as for teachers as forstudents; practical training, postgraduate education of medical and pharmaceutical workers, the implementation of joint research projects, , networking, mutual use of resources of universities, the development of other types of academic cooperation by mutual agreement.

At the end of the First Russian-Uzbek educational forum “New personnel for the new economy” a resolution was adopted. According to it, the participants of the forum held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on October 18-19 note that over the past decades, the efforts of the University community and authorities of the two countries have formed a solid basis for cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan in the field of education, opening a full range of opportunities for further joint development, taking into account modern realities and requirements of times

It was decided to develop cooperation in the field of educational and scientific activities aimed at improving the quality of education and its accessibility in the interests of human capital development through the analysis and use of the best practices in the management of universities in Russia and Uzbekistan.

The forum participants expressed their readiness to implement inter-University projects in the field of academic mobility, scientific and innovative youth forums, training, joint research, etc.

In total, about 130 Agreements on cooperation between Russian and Uzbek universities were signed within the framework of the forum. It was decided to make this event annual and hold it in the cities of Russia and Uzbekistan in conjunction with the annual forum of interregional cooperation with the participation of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The press service of DSMU