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Student of DSMU won the second prize at the international forum “First spark online”



The previous day were announced the results of the international forum in the field of medical science and technology “First spark online,” which was held on February 20-21, 2021. The speakers of the event (organizers and moderators) were leading specialists in the field of medicine from India, Indonesia, Ireland, the USA, Great Britain, Russia and other countries. At the forum, scientific presentations were made by students of the general medicine faculty of English-language training at Dagestan State Medical University, who are active members of the Students’ Scientific Circle Department of Hominal Physiology.

Mohammed Salim, a 4-year student of the general medicine faculty, an Indian citizen, an active participant in the SSC DSMU in Hominal physiology, won the second prize for an excellent oral presentation of the report and presentation of scientific work.

The theme presented at the forum is “Influence of Ozonized Saline Solution on the Course of Purulent Peritonitis in the Experiment. Focus on the Cytodynamics of Peritoneal Exudate». Academic supervisors: Head of the Department of Hominal Physiology – Razin Ragimov and Associate Professor of the Department of Hominal Physiology – Naida Abdullaeva.

We congratulate the winner of the competition and wish him further success in his studies and scientific activities.