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Students of   DSMU held an information campaign dedicated to the World Osteoporosis Day



 October 20 has been declared World Osteoporosis Day according to the decision of the World Health Organization. This day has been celebrated since 2005 in Russia.

 In order to attract the attention of the citizens of our republic to this disease, activists of the Student Sector of the United Trade Union Committee of Dagestan State Medical University held an action in honor of the World Osteoporosis Day on October 20, 2022. The alley “City of Masters” was chosen as the venue. Activists of the medical university competently explained to passers-by the reasons for the appearance of this disease.

 “According to statistics, every third woman and every fifth man over the age of 50 in Russia suffer from osteoporosis. The first step, regardless of age or bone condition is a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, osteoporosis may not manifest itself in any way until the onset of fractures. It is sad to state the fact that in recent years osteoporosis has “rejuvenated”. Therefore, the dissemination of knowledge about osteoporosis and its prevention measures is especially relevant,” the activist said.

 The students also explained that a great contribution to the development of this terrible disease is made by inactivity, lack of insolation, poor nutrition with a low content of dairy products, seafood in the diet, bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse), as well as concomitant diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma and many others.