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Sultan Khamzayev visited DSMU




On Wednesday, March 31, the head of the Sober Russia Federal Project, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Sultan Khamzaev, visited Dagestan State Medical University. The rector of DSMU Suleiman Mammaev showed the guest a simulation and accreditation center, equipped with modern equipment for developing the practical skills of students; training operating room “WetLab”; Specialized Competence Training Center “Medical and Social Care”; Lean Technology Training Center, etc.

  1. Khamzaev and S. Mammaev also visited the call center for new coronavirus infection, located at the university, talked with the center’s operators – students and residents of the university.

Commenting on what he saw at the university, S. Khamzaev noted that this is not his first time at DSMU. “There is a very active youth and youth policy. When we held an anti-drug forum in 2019, the volunteers of your university qualitatively stood out among everyone else. This, of course, is the merit of the leadership and staff of the university, “he said. Khamzaev touched on the problem of alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco smoking, preventive measures in the youth environment.

  1. Mammaev, in turn, thanked the guest for the visit and noted that much attention is paid to educational work at the university, a large number of events are being held, including on the prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction, manifestations of extremism and terrorism in the youth environment.