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The activists of the Trade Union Committee held an event “PROFORG 2024 League”



On March 6, 2024, the long-awaited event “PROFORGES LEAGUE 2024” organized by the Student Sector of the Joint Trade Union Committee took place in the lecture hall of the Biology Building. Teams of five people fought for supremacy in a series of intellectual competitions at three stages.

The competition began with a comprehensive test designed to assess the participants’ knowledge. The focus was on theoretical thinking and depth of understanding. The parties immediately started this round to demonstrate their experience and acumen.

The competitors then moved on to the second stage, where they were faced with situational tasks highlighting real-life problems they face as proformers and in the wider medical community. This stage required not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically.

After the results were tallied, the team that took 3rd place was announced. The other two teams scored the same number of points and moved on to the final stage – debates. In the battle of intellect and persuasion, the remaining applicants debated on the topic: “Are lectures necessary at university?”. In the debate, the guys demonstrated convincing arguments in favor of each of the positions.

At the end of all three stages, an exceptional victory was achieved by Team Monte, whose exemplary teamwork and unwavering determination were the foundation of their win. Team Titans received a commendable second place, demonstrating their intellectual cunning and resilience throughout the competition. Rounding out the top three was the team with unwavering dedication and strategic thinking, the Prisoners of DSMU.

All participants received certificates and awards from the sponsors of the event.

Omaev Omargadzhi, Trade Union Committee