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The admission Committee of the Dagestan State Medical University is ready to start receiving documents of applicants



The admission Committee of the Dagestan State Medical University is ready to start receiving documents of applicants. The rector of the DSMU  Suleiman Mamaev  personally checked the readiness of the Commission to the beginning of the admission campaign.

Executive Secretary of the selection Committee Ilyas Kiblaev told the rector and his entourage about the preparation for admission of students, the forms of submission of documents. This year as the previous year registration of applicants will be more simplified ; ready-made samples of applications laid in the computer  , it remains only to make the personal data of the incoming then the entrant can only subscribe.

Addressing the employees of the admission Committee S. Mammayev noted that the main task is to create a comfortable environment for students so that they can get advice on all their questions and apply for training in a calm atmosphere. The room has been renovated, air-conditioned, equipped with waiting areas equipped with cool water. On the territory of the building there is a dining room. Generator was purchased in case of power outage.

The changes that occurred this year in the rules of acceptance of documents were touched upon. This year in particular significantly changed the legislation in terms of targeted training. Previously article 56 of the 273-FZ “On education in the Russian Federation” was called “Target admission. The contract on target reception and the contract on target training”  in new edition the phrase “target reception” is replaced with “target training”. This is significant  since the emphasis is transferred from the fact of admission of the applicant to the educational organization to the fact of targeted training.

Part 1 of a new article 56 stipulates that “the citizen arriving on training on educational programs of secondary professional or higher education, or enrolled in the appropriate educational program  shall have the right to conclude the contract on target training with the Federal state body, a body of state power of a subject of the Russian Federation, local self-government body, legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

Already in this paragraph of the law you can see several significant changes. So for the first time it is indicated that the contract on target training can be concluded not only with the entrant, but also with the student of any course on the appropriate educational program.

It should be noted that this year the University will accept 535 students for the budget form of education, 328 of them  will be accepted according to the target quota.