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The All-Russian conference ” Affordable Oncology – achievements and prospects” was held at DSMU




“Affordable oncology – achievements and prospects” – this was the theme of the All-Russian Conference, which was held on November 25 at the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of DSMU. The scientific organizer of the conference was “Republican Cancer Center” with the support of Dagestan State Medical University and the Ministry of Health of Dagestan.

The conference has become a significant event in the medical and scientific community. Her work is aimed at deepening theoretical knowledge and improving practical skills that students will introduce into clinical practice to improve the effectiveness of diagnostic, preventive and screening measures in the population with oncological pathology. And the participation of leading Russian specialists made it possible to identify topical issues of modern oncology, develop unified approaches to the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients and implement theoretical proposals in practice.

The event was attended by: acting Rector of DSMU Ragimov Razin, Minister of Health of Dagestan Tatiana Belyaeva, chief freelance oncologist RD, acting chief physician of the Republican Clinical Hospital named after A.V. Vishnevsky Gaziyavdibir Musaev, President of “Association of Mammologists Radiologists RD”, chief physician of “Mammological Center L7” Fatima Tamaeva, chief physician “Republican Cancer Center” Vladimir Brezhnev, heads of oncological departments of the city, doctors -oncologists and doctors of related specialties.

Acting Rector of DSMU Ragimov Razin addressed the participants of the conference with a welcoming speech on behalf of the leadership of DSMU, its teaching staff and students.

He congratulated the audience on the opening of an important conference for the entire oncological community and expressed gratitude to all the organizers of the event: the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan, the Republican Cancer Center, SIRIUS LLC (for technical support); personally thanked Senator of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vladimir Krugly for online participation in the conference.

“Today, not only practicing doctors, but also health care organizers, scientists who are of great benefit for the development of healthcare, in particular, in the direction of treatment and prevention of oncological diseases, gathered at this site. This work has always been and remains a priority area of healthcare,” Ragimov said and wished the conference fruitful work and its participants health and success.

Then the Minister of Health of the Republic of Dagestan Tatyana Belyaeva made a welcoming speech. “The importance of today’s event is that the treatment of cancer patients is a tandem of a circle of specialists. This is the primary link that should be suspected and directed, this is an oncologist who should confirm and study, these are doctors of functional diagnostics who take an active part in the diagnosis of patients, then doctors of radiation treatment, radiotherapists. In order for the residents of the republic to receive high-quality medical care, everything necessary is being done,” Belyaeva said.


Senator of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vladimir Krugly in a video message congratulated the participants of the conference on the start of its work. He noted that the conference is a platform for the integration of knowledge in the field of oncology of scientists and practitioners. “The pandemic has made its own adjustments to our lives, therefore, holding a conference in these conditions is extremely important, since within the framework of the conference new modern approaches to the implementation of a socially significant state goal – strengthening the health of the people are demonstrated. Timely assistance to cancer patients is very important; RD doctors should be familiar with the patient routing technique. All these problems will be discussed today at the conference, which will become a platform for mutually useful exchange of practical experience of oncologists of the country,” Krugly said in his speech.

The following video message to the conference participants is from Konstantin Khurtsev, the chief freelance oncologist of the NCFD. “Today, the oncological service is the most organized service in our healthcare system. It is the word “accessibility” that is the main one for determining the quality of medical care. The topic of today’s conference is very important and relevant for all practical healthcare,” Khurtsev said and wished interesting and fruitful work.

The plenary part of the conference, its first session (there are seven of them according to the program), was started by the chief physician of the Republican Cancer Center, Vladimir Brezhnev, who made a report on “Epidemiology, the structure of the incidence of malignant neoplasms in the Republic of Dagestan.”

Then the conference continued its work, during which leading specialists in the field of oncology discussed the problems of accessibility of oncological care in Russia.

The information received at the conference will allow specialists to competently use knowledge in their practice, correctly draw up a plan of preventive and screening measures and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

DSMU Press Service