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The annual intramural competition “Goryanka 2021” was held in the DSMU




On Friday, April 16, the most ambitious, enchanting and long-awaited contest “Goryanka 2021”, organized by the Committee for Youth Affairs, was held in the Biological Building of the Dagestan State Medical University.

Within the framework of this competition, 5 beautiful and talented participants competed for the title of the most beautiful and economic representative of their people during 4 stages, demonstrating their national costumes, dancing, introducing the audience and the jury to the traditions and customs of their nation.

This year, the title of the best Goryanka was claimed: Merziyat Efendiyeva (Lezgin nationality), Milena Sultanova (Tabasaran nationality), Malika Magomedgadzhieva (Dargin nationality), Avar people were represented by two contestants – Aishat Huseynova and Fatima Magomedova.

The contestants were evaluated by the vice-rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational work of DSMU Elmira Abieva, assistant of the Department of Faculty and Hospital Pediatrics Murad Abdulmuslimov, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs and deputy of the Youth Parliament at the People’s Assembly Bilal Pirmagomedov, famous photographer of Dagestan Kamran Mamatov, dancer Samad Medzhidov, head of the school of twine and physical development Albina Beibulatovna, as well as make-up artist of the Malvina art studio-Sara.

All four stages of the competition were held as one, the participants were able to capture all the attention of the audience, without giving them a single hint of boredom. Each of the girls was able to perform with dignity, showing themselves, their talents and skills as much as possible. The jury was faced with a difficult task to choose the three best representatives, and this, as it became known by the end of the event, it takes a lot of doing.

By universal suffrage of the jury, the prizes were distributed as follows: the 3rd place was taken by the charming representative of the Avar nationality Fatima Magomedova; the honorable second place was taken by Milena Sultanova, who represented the Tabasaran nationality; having charmed everyone in the hall, Merziyat Efendieva, a representative of the Lezgin nationality, received a well-deserved victory and the title “Goryanka-2021”.

Great support in the organization of the event was provided by our wonderful and irreplaceable DSMU Cultural Center, which provided musical accompaniment and good mood throughout the event, and even after it.

The annual contest “Goryanka 2021” aims to instill love and respect for each student to their people, their nation, showing how beautiful and extraordinary their traditions and customs are, seeks to unite under one roof representatives of all the most diverse nations living on the relatively small territory of the Republic of Dagestan. As practice shows, it always manages to do this, and therefore the contest “Goryanka” has always been and remains the most long-awaited and favorite event of DSMU students.

Angela Mirzabekova, Youth Affairs Committee