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The charity event of blood donation was held on World Donor Day




On Tuesday, June 15, on the central square of the city of Makhachkala, an off-site donor campaign was organized to collect donated blood. The event is organized as part of the World Donor Day.

The event was organized by medical volunteers of the Dagestan State Medical University, the Republican Blood Transfusion Station, activists of the International Red Cross Movement and the Ministry of Youth Affairs. The honorary guest of the action was the Minister of Youth Affairs of the RD Kamil Saidov, who is an active blood donor. He thanked all the participants for their initiative and reminded them of the importance of donation.

The exit station opened its doors to 120 citizens who expressed a desire to become part of the donor movement. Donors could be a citizen of the Russian Federation at the age of 18 years weighing more than 50 kg, who do not have contraindications to donation. During the campaign, the donors first underwent a preliminary medical examination to determine the blood type and hemoglobin level, and after receiving the approval of a specialist, they were able to start the blood donation procedure.

Within a few hours of the action, about 40 liters of blood were collected. Before donating, medical volunteers familiarized the participants with the list of contraindications, gave instructions on filling out documents, the process of taking blood, and warned about possible side effects. Near the exit station, each donor was waiting for tea with a lot of sweets. With a good mood and a great desire to help, the participants passed the donation procedure, at the end of which they were awarded certificates and delicious prizes.

In 2021, the situation with the shortage of blood was particularly acute due to the pandemic, as the field activities of the Blood Service were completely stopped since April. Activity among donors has also fallen, as many are afraid of contracting the coronavirus. But life goes on, operations are carried out with even greater intensity. Cancer patients, disabled people, victims of disasters, and children with health problems constantly need donated blood. And it is important to remember this not only during the holidays, because blood donation will help replenish the blood bank and draw public attention to the important mission that donors perform. Giving people a chance at life is the greatest gift. Hurry up to do good!

The organizers express their gratitude to the participants for making a contribution to the blood donation reserves of the Republic of Dagestan.

Khadizhat Mammayeva, Youth Media Center Sector