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The conference “Molecular Biology and genetic technologies in personalized medicine” was held at DSMU



On December 24, 2022, Dagestan State Medical University hosted an interregional online conference with international participation “Molecular Biology and genetic technologies in personalized medicine”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the university.

The event was organized as part of the implementation of the grant of the Head of Dagestan Republic for the implementation of initiative research and development work in priority areas of science, technology and engineering. The purpose of this project is to study the genetic predisposition of schoolchildren of the Republic of Dagestan to diseases associated with impaired metabolism of folate, lactose and calcium.

As a result of the research conducted by the head of the grant (Gazimagomedova M.M.) and her executor, unique data were obtained (Magomedova M.A.) to determine the gene pool of Dagestanis for diseases based on a violation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism.

Acting Vice-Rector for Science Naida Mollayeva addressed the participants with a welcoming speech on behalf of Acting Rector Visampasha Khanaliev. She noted the importance of the conducted research and wished the conference fruitful work.

During the conference, reports on topical topics were made: “Studies of the genetics of folate metabolism for the determination of genetic polymorphisms “MTHFR: – 1298 A>C”, “MTHFR: – 677 C>T”, “MTR: – 2756 A>G”, “MTRR: – 66 A>C” associated with neurological disorders” – Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of DSMU Madina Gazimagomedova –; “Acromegaly in one of the monozygotic twins with pituitary macroadenoma and mixed hormonal activity” –– Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Medical Genetics and Immunology of the Belarusian State Medical University  Irina Khmara; “Polymorphism of ASD in chronic heart failure” – Elvira Kasayeva, Suleiman Mammaev, Jamila Omarova – Department of Hospital Therapy No. 1 of DSMU; “Polymorphism of the gene “VDR: -283 A>G” in children with mild mental retardation” – Associate Professor of the Department of General and Biological Chemistry of DSMU Madina Magomedova  and others.