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The conference “New in surgery and cardiology of Dagestan” was held at the DSMU




On April 23, 2021, the IX Republican Research-to-Practice Conference “New in Surgery and Cardiology of Dagestan” was held in the conference hall of the DSMU Scientific and Educational Innovation Center».

Traditionally held every three years by the Department of Hospital Surgery, the Republican Research-to-Practice Conference “New in Surgery of Dagestan”, this time was held together with the Dagestan Center of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, as well as jointly with the Dagestan Regional Branch of the Russian Society of Surgeons.

The conference was opened on behalf of the Rector of DSMU Suleiman Mamayev by clinical vice-rector Magomed Khamidov. In his welcoming speech, he expressed his wishes to the conference participants to acquire new knowledge, and wished to the speakers new successes in the development of surgery in the Republic of Dagestan.

Among the participants of the conference were almost all heads of departments, heads of surgical services of districts and cities, headed by the chief surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan Magomed Abdulzhalilov.

10 reports on the most relevant topics were heard, in which the results of the introduction of the latest achievements of medical science and technology into the clinical practice of surgery in the Republic of Dagestan were demonstrated.

The excellent report made by the Director of DCC and CVS Osman Makhachev demonstrated that in certain positions DCC and CVS was among the 25 leading cardiac surgery services in Russia. The report said that the team did a titanic job in difficult socio-economic conditions, resulting in thousands of lives saved.

The report of the head of the Dagestan Center for Thoracic Surgery, Saigid Aliyev, highlighted the problems of organizing cancer services in the Republic of Dagestan. The speaker stressed that the results achieved, which are not inferior to, and in some respects superior to, the results of the central specialized institutions of Moscow and St. Petersburg, are the result of the work of young specialists-graduates of the Dagestan State Medical University, who have mastered advanced minimally invasive technologies.

The conference was held in a business style, there were many interested questions and no less professional answers, speeches from the audience. In general, the conference participants were satisfied with the level of conference organization and the impressions they received about the achievements in surgery in the Republic of Dagestan.

Prof. Magomedov A. G., Doctor of Medical Sciences Akhmedov I. G.