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The contest of military songs and poems about the war “Live and remember” was held at DSMU



    The contest of military songs and poems about the war “Live and remember”, organized by the Committee for Youth Affairs  was held on the basis of the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of Dagestan State Medical University on October 17.

   Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work Elmira Abieva made a welcoming speech on behalf of the Acting Rector of DSMU Visampashi Khanaliev.

   This competition is being held at our university for the first time, but it is a great opportunity to foster respect for the defenders of the Motherland, instill respect for the historical past and the heroic present of our people, so I would like to emphasize the importance of such meetings and express gratitude to those students who are not indifferent to this topic. A medical student is, first of all, a patriot, and this event only confirms my words. I am sure that each of you will show your talents in the best light and show how multifaceted and creative people learn from us,” she said.

    The jury was attended by: Deputy Director of the city Youth Center Isa Ramazanov; Director of the Dagestan Patriotic Center Ramazan Magomedov; Deputy director of  Dagestan Patriotic Center Kurban Bagadziev, as well as the head of the sector for the development of youth initiatives and student governments of  Dagestan State Medical University Milana Yunusova.

   The contestants demonstrated their talents in two nominations – “Military readings” and “Military songs unquenchable light”. The judging panel was faced with a difficult task, because each participant had prepared well.

    As a result, the winner in the nomination “Military readings” was Leyla Abdullayeva, a student of the 502 group of the pediatric faculty, and the victory in the nomination “Military song unquenchable light”, rightfully, went to Maryam Medzhidova, a student of the 130 group of the medical faculty.

     It should be remembered that one of the main tasks facing every citizen is to educate a convinced patriot who loves his Homeland, devoted to the Fatherland, ready to serve him with his work and protect his interests, as well as respect for the past of his region, for the traditions and customs of his people.