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The darts tournament was held at DSMU



A darts tournament among students was held in the Gym of Dagestan State Medical University, organized by the Youth Affairs Committee, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Medicine, as well as the Sports Club of the State Medical University On December 26, 2022.

Darts is a sports game, the purpose of which is to throw darts at a target. The target is divided into 20 sectors of the same size, having a digital designation outside the playing part of the board. These are the points that the player receives when hitting this sector.

“Like any other game, darts has its advantages and has a positive effect on human health. It stimulates the development of the brain, makes you concentrate and focus on the target in order to hit the target. Playing darts, you get a great mood and new emotions. I wish you all good luck and a good game!” added the head of the educational part, senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Education Magomed Magomedsadykov.

It should be noted that both boys and girls took part in the tournament.

According to the results of the game and the scoring of points, the prizes were distributed as follows.


Among young men:

1st place – Makhach Samedov, Medical Faculty

2nd place – Magomed Dzhabrailov, Faculty of Dentistry

3rd place – Ismail Eskendarov, Medical Faculty

Among the girls:

1st place – Mariana Charandaeva, Medical Faculty

2nd place – Karina Mutaeva, resident of 1 year of study

3rd place – Fatima Pirmagomedova, Faculty of Pediatrics

All winners were awarded with cups and prizes.