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The departments of the Faculty of Dentistry of DSMU moved to new premises on the basis of the Republican Dental Clinic named after M. Maksudov



The Departments of Therapeutic, Surgical, and Maxillofacial Dentistry, along with the Department of Orthodontic Dentistry, as well as the Dentistry Department of the Advanced Training Faculty and the Academic Teaching Staff at Dagestan State Medical University, have relocated to newly renovated premises based on the Republican Dental Clinic named after M. Maksudov.

The rector of the DSMU, Visampasha Khanaliev, on Thursday, February 8th, got acquainted with the conditions for the placement of the departments, which he and the chief physician of the Republican Dental Polyclinic, Hadji Murad Musalov, visited. They were joined by the Advisor to the Rector, Isaac Irbaykhanov; the Vice-Rector for Medical Work, Magomed Khamidov; the Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic Affairs, Sirazhitin Mutuev; and the Dean of the Dental Faculty, Tagir Abakarov.

The rector observed that the chief medical officer had created excellent conditions for departments and their employees, providing bright and spacious classrooms, study spaces, and offices equipped with all necessary amenities. The university had purchased and transferred simulation equipment to the departments, which is necessary for practicing clinical skills. Additionally, V. Khanaliev assured the staff that the equipment would be updated and maintained. It has also been decided to purchase smart televisions for the departments in order to enable the demonstration of educational films and slides for students.

All necessary conditions have been provided for students to receive high-quality education and work in primary healthcare. I am delighted to note that we maintain excellent relations with our Chief Medical Officer, Hadji Murad Huseynovic, who assists us in creating state-of-the-art facilities that provide a comfortable and high-quality educational experience. For this, I am greatly indebted to him.

Kh. M. Musalov assured the rector that the departments would be provided with all kinds of assistance and support.

V. Khanaliyev has once again expressed his congratulations to the employees for moving to more comfortable working conditions. The Head of the Department of Dentistry, Mr. T. Abakarov, on his part, also expressed his gratitude to the management of the university and polyclinic for creating perfect conditions and supporting all implemented initiatives and solving the planned tasks constructively. He also assured that the dental faculty staff will continue to strive to train highly skilled dental specialists.