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The educational campaign on the World Heart Day was held by activists of the State Medical University



World Heart Day was established in 1999 on the initiative of the World Heart Federation, which was supported by the World Health Organization, UNESCO, etc. In the early years, it was celebrated on the last Sunday of September and its fixed date has been set since 2011 – September 29.

So, on September 29, activists of the Student Sector of the United Trade Union together with the Student Tutoring conducted an educational campaign on the territories of   Dagestan State Medical University in order to attract the attention of the young population to this problem. The students were told about the features of cardiovascular diseases, about the factors that increase the risks of developing diseases. The activists also explained to the students the algorithm and the principle of operation of the mechanical tonometer, taught them how to measure blood pressure correctly.

“I understand that this is one of the most serious and terrible problems of modern society. As a first-year student it was very interesting for me to learn new information about cardiovascular diseases. That’s why I entered the medical university. I want to make my contribution to the healthy future of the country and our republic to help people,” one of the listeners of the action told activists.

World Heart Day is another reason to remind the population that it is important to undergo regular medical examinations for early detection of diseases.

Musayeva Uma, Trade Union Committee