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The event dedicated to the Day of Russian Students was held at DSMU



The Day of Russian Students was observed at the Dagestan State Medical University on January 25th. The rector of the university, Visampasha Khanaliyev, extended his congratulations to the students and faculty on this occasion: “The experience of being a student is a remarkable and unforgettable period, which is remembered as the most significant years of one’s life. It encompasses lectures, examinations, sleepless nights, joyful days, creative endeavors, and scientific breakthroughs. It also entails the formation of enduring friendships. Each student at the university will forever cherish their teachers and the first patients they encountered with respect and admiration. Indeed, it is during this time that the foundation for future professional accomplishments as doctors is laid.”

We are delighted to have so many active and committed young people among our alumni, students, and residents at DSMU. They not only focus on their chosen careers, but also engage in scientific research and humanitarian efforts. Medicine is a field of study that is both extensive and rapidly evolving in today’s world, enabling individuals to fully realize their potential. Many of you have already participated, won, and won prizes in regional, national, and international competitions and conferences, as well as achieved athletic feats and successfully channeled your creative abilities through volunteer work.

The administration of the Dagestan State Medical University and its teaching staff are committed to providing our students with a high-quality educational experience that will prepare them for successful careers as competent professionals.

Then, activists of the DSMU Cultural Center presented a small patriotic entertainment program.

Additionally, at the event, there was also a traditional Chudu (or Chudu) cutting ceremony.

During the event, a flash mob dedicated to the forthcoming presidential election in the Russian Federation in March 2024 was performed.