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The event dedicated to the Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism was held at DSMU.




Today, on September 3 was celebrated a memorable date  the Day of Solidarity in the fight against Terrorism in the Assembly Hall of the scientific and educational innovation center of DSMU.

Recall that terrorists attacked school No. 1 in Beslan on September 1, 2004 , during the festive line in honor of the Day of Knowledge. At that moment, there were more than 1,000 people on the line. All of them were driven inside the school by bandits and held there for almost three days. On September 3, the building was stormed, during which several dozen employees of the Russian special forces who participated in the operation were killed. As a result of the terrorist attack about  333 people were killed, of which 186 were children aged from 1 to 17 years.

The terrorist attack in Beslan was one of the largest and most inhumane in the recent history of Russia. The Day of Solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism was established  in memory of the victims of Beslan in Russia by the federal law “On Amendments to the Federal Law” On Days of Military Glory (Victory Days) On July 21, 2005.

The guests of the event were the senior commissioner of the Center for Countering Extremism Makkamagomed Abutov, the employee of  Counter-terrorism Centerof the Ministry of Internal Affairs of  Dagestan Republic Abdulmejid Gadzhiev, the inspector  for the Sovetsky district of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Makhachkala, police Lieutenant Shamil Imanshapiyev, head of the department of the Ministry of National Policy and Affairs of the Republic of Makhachkala Khasaybat Valiyeva, Head of the Education Department of the Muftiate of  Dagestan Republic Ali Sultanov.

Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Socio-Educational Elmira Abieva welcomed all those present on behalf of Acting Rector Naida Mollayeva and noted the special significance of the memorable date for our country: “The events of the first of September 2004 will forever remain a terrible tragedy in the memory of the people of Russia. Children should not be victims of terrorists. Days, months, years pass. But we will never forget this tragedy. Each of us is simply obliged to show responsibility and vigilance, because no one is insured from getting into such a terrible situation. And the best prevention of extremist sentiments in society is tolerance and mutual respect.”


Then the guests of the event spoke, each of them appealed to the students to be vigilant, urged them not to take the pernicious path of extremism. Representatives of law enforcement agencies told students about how not to fall under the influence of the ideology of radical movements, about the administrative and criminal responsibility of persons for carrying out extremist activities, about the true nature and motives of criminals, how to protect themselves from radical cells in social networks, etc. “Those who joined the ranks of terrorists have no future. We have lost many young people in this struggle, as well as many civilians, fathers, children. Think about your parents, about how to improve life in Dagestan, improve the image of our republic. We must work together to fight this evil, to prevent the repetition of tragic events, ” Makkamagomed Abutov said in his address to the students.

Khasaybat Valiyeva noted in her speech that ” terrorism has no face, no gender, no religion, no future and nothing bright.”

During the meeting, anti-terrorist videos were shown, as well as a video with a mini-performance of  DSMU Cultural Center “There are no foreign mothers”.

The event was completed by People’s Artist of the Republic of  Dagestan, People’s Hero of the Caucasus Abdula Fataliev, who performed a touching song based on the poems of the people’s poetess Aminat Abdulmanapova and music of his own composition ” Work, brothers!”