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The first meeting of SSC (Student Scientific Circle) on oncology was held at DSMU



  The first meeting of the student scientific circle on oncology on the topic “Key signs of cancer in 2022” was held in the lecture hall of the Morphological Building of Dagestan State Medical University on October 28, 2022.          

 The report for participants of the circle was prepared by the head of the SSC on oncology, a 5th-year student of the pediatric faculty Gasan Murachuev.

   “Douglas Hanahan suggests phenotypic plasticity and epigenetic reprogramming as new key features in a new article in the journal Cancer discovery  and considers the influence of polymorphic microbiomes and aging cells as characteristics favorable for carcinogenesis, which over time can also become key signs of cancer,” he said. Thus, the participants of the meeting got acquainted with the main signs that are characteristic of most tumors, the mechanisms of carcinogenesis and the properties that distinguish tumor cells from healthy ones.

     At the end of the hearing of the report, the audience actively asked interesting questions and received exhaustive answers to them.

     The meeting of the circle ended with a discussion of prospects and a plan of topics for further meetings.