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The head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of DSMU told reporters about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccine




A press conference on countering coronavirus infection was held in the editorial office of newspaper Dagestanskaya Pravda.

Head of the Department of infectious diseases   of advanced training faculty  and professional retraining of  specialists, the main infectious diseases  specialist of the Ministry of health of Dagestan Elena Arbulieva answered journalists ‘ questions on vaccination and acquired immunity after it.

During the press conference, representatives of the regional media learned from the specialist if there are negative side effects from the vaccination, which of  russian vaccines is better and other important information about the vaccination.

“There are no complications after vaccination .The only thing is a slight hyperemia, fever. However, before vaccination a person needs to be examined tested for the presence of the virus or its absence. Talking about the placement which is located in the Republican Center for Infectious Diseases many people come here to be examined and make vaccine”- said the chief infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Health of Dagestan.

She also noted that full control over the epidemiological situation in the country can only be due to high immunization of the population. The coverage of vaccinated people in Dagestan should be about 70-80% of the population: “There are sufficient supplies of the vaccine to the republic. The storage conditions correspond. Refrigeration equipment has been delivered to Dagestan in the right quantity.”

It should be noted that during surveys conducted among residents of the region it turned out that many are in no hurry to get vaccinated against COVID-19, as they are waiting for the delivery of a new version of the vaccine to the republic stored at standard temperatures (up to +8 degrees °C).

According to the Ministry of Health, today more than 5,000 Dagestanians have been vaccinated in our republic.