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The Head of the Youth Media Center Sector became an excellent student of the VI International Corporate Media Competition “Media Leader-2022”



 The All-Russian specialized magazine “Press Service” and the publishing house “Image-Media” opened the acceptance of applications for the VI annual professional international competition of corporate media “Medialider-2022” on June 20, 2022.

 Its purpose is to identify and reward the best corporate publications and their authors, to promote the professionalism of corporate media, to support the industry and professionals working in this field. “Medialider” is an international competition of corporate mass media which has been held since 2017.

 Any state, commercial or public structures from Russia, as well as countries of the near or far abroad, producing corporate newspapers, magazines, digital publications, developing websites and Internet portals, mobile applications, TV and radio programs, corporate blogs, pages and communities in social networks, as well as special publishing projects  had the opportunity to take part.

This year, 55 PR projects for 2021-2022 were included in the competition. In total, 350 applications were submitted from different regions of Russia. Participants were evaluated in 19 nominations.

  The competition consisted of several stages.

Stage I – acceptance of applications for participation:

Stage II – evaluation of works by an expert jury;

Stage III – award ceremony.

As there were many projects, the organizing committee of the international competition allocated several more places in each of the nominations and decided to award them with a special diploma – “Excellent Student of the competition”. These are the companies that scored the most points when the jury voted in their nomination.

So, the Organizing Committee announced the shortlist of the professional competition of corporate media “MEDIA LEADER – 2022” on November 3, 2022.

The head of the Sector of the Youth Media Center of the Department for Work with Students Karina Mutaeva became an excellent student of the competition in the nomination “Best Illustrations in Corporate media”.

The award ceremony of the laureates will be held on December 2 in Moscow as part of the annual big conference “New Technologies of PR work – 2022” and will be accompanied by a cool business program and active networking.