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The issues of wider use of simulation technologies in the educational process were discussed at DSMU



The Federal Accreditation Center of the University hosted a working meeting of the deans of faculties and the head of the center with the heads of specialized departments and  academic departments.

The meeting was attended by the deans of: Faculty of Medicine – Ruslan Savzikhanov; Faculty of Pediatrics – Alimkhan Muskhadzhiev; Faculty of Dentistry – Tagir Abakarov; Head of the Federal Accreditation Center – Rasul Koichuev.

The meeting was devoted to discussing the issues of intensive introduction, use and development of simulation technologies in the educational process, as a mandatory component in professional training, aimed at enabling each student to perform a practical skill or its element in accordance with professional standards and/or procedures (rules) of medical care.

  1. Koichuev presented a brief presentation of the center, subsequently, a more detailed acquaintance of the heads of departments with the simulation equipment in each equipped office was organized.

The Federal Accreditation Center of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of the Russian Ministry of Health is currently equipped with modern means and technologies of simulation training: simulators, robot simulators, electronic phantoms, dummy models, as well as medical equipment (electrocardiographs, defibrillator, surgical instruments, etc.). The structure includes training modules “Educational Pharmacy”, “Lean Polyclinic”, Training operating room “WetLab DSMU”.

On the basis of the center, the Department of medical simulation and educational practice has been established and operates, in the curriculum of which educational programs are implemented in the specialties “medicine”, “pediatrics”, “dentistry”. The following disciplines have been introduced into the educational process: “simulation training in nursing”, “simulation training in emergency situations”, “simulation training in dentistry”. A new form of final knowledge control has been introduced – conducting intermediate certification in the format of an objective structured clinical exam.

The staff of the center and the Department of Medical Simulation and Educational Practice do a lot of work on the development of simulation training and the organization of the accreditation procedure of a specialist at the university.



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